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Summer Reading

Incoming 9th graders:

You will check out a copy of the mystery novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie during Freshman Orientation (August 20-24, 2018). 

Reading Log: Keep a log by chapter numbers (1-16 plus the Epilogue). Log three to four important facts from each chapter. 

Essay: Choose essay prompt #1 or #2 from the packet. Prompt #2 more easily aligns with this book, but the choice is still yours. Write and turn in one essay.

Due: October 5  --  This will count as an English test grade for Marking Period 1. 

9th graders: Download a packet which includes a reading log and the essay prompts here. 

You can also view the Paterson Summer Reading Packet with more general information here.

10th, 11th, and 12th graders:

You received your reading assignments in June. Follow the link below if you need to access the summer reading packet. Enjoy your reading and writing! Be prepared to turn in your logs and essays at the start of the school year. -- HARP English Teachers

Click here to download the Paterson Summer Reading Packet.